Learning Agreements for FIN 630 Corporate Governance

To request for an approved learning agreement under the chair of Corporate Governance, please follow the instructions listed here.

  1. Before you send a request to us, please check if your course satisfies the following requirements.

    • The course has to be at the Master level
    • It has to cover most of the topics that are covered by FIN603 "Corporate Governance" (check Syllabus for more info)
    • It has to contain a written exam

  2. Please prepare following documents.

    • Learning Agreement with your personal information, signature, and the course you want to have accredited.
    • Detailed syllabus of the course. If it is not in English or German language, add a translation.

  3. Please send the above documents via email to the contact person in charge of learning agreement of this chair. Current contact information is as follows.

    • Ms. Chia-Yi Yen
    • cyen@mail.uni-mannheim.de
    • Please write in English.

  4. Once you receive an email from the contact person when a decision on your learning agreement has been made, please pick up your learning agreement at the Office of Finance and Corporate Governance. Please find the information of the office below.

    • Ms. Marion Baierlein
    • L9 1-2, Room 306
    • from 9 to 12 o'clock during weekday


If you have any further questions, please contact the Dean's office.